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Jonathan offers a comprehensive range of coaching services designed to meet diverse needs and goals. His expertise includes individual coaching for personalized growth, youth coaching to empower the next generation, project coaching for effective management and execution, and group coaching to foster collective progress and teamwork. Whether you're seeking personal development, leadership skills, or team enhancement, Jonathan's tailored coaching programs provide the guidance and support necessary for meaningful and lasting change.

Unlock your potential with a personalized 50-minute JC Consultation/Coaching session. Get expert guidance on personal development, career growth, or overcoming challenges. Book now to achieve your goals and thrive.

Investment $175

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50 min JC Consultation/Coaching as needed 

Boost your team's performance with (6) 50-minute virtual coaching sessions designed for construction professionals in teams of five or more. Get expert guidance to improve collaboration, communication, and productivity. Invest in your team's success and watch your projects thrive.

Investment $1,050

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(60) Day Flip the script challenge

Full day of JC on location encompassing one of or a combination of any provided services. Education, Training, Workshop, Coaching/Mentoring- Strategy Sessions- Site Audit, Reports + Evaluation. Co-created with  client.


For the Construction leaders who don't have the bandwidth to do it all.

Jonathan is here to help as the PEOPLE CHAMPION


Investment: $5,000

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VIP day 

Connect with Jonathan to determine the group training options that align with your needs.

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