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In the construction industry, there exist leaders with questionable ideologies who, driven by a less-than-desirable approach, dismiss even the most skilled tradespersons, implying their replaceability. Jonathan Cinelli, an Electrician, Project Management Professional, Certified Coach, and Educator, counters this narrative. With decades of experience, he has dedicated his career to educating, working with, and leading project teams to success, recognizing the transformative power of Putting People First.

Peeling back the layers of the current construction landscape, Jonathan, through his roles as an Electrician, Project Management Professional, Certified Coach, and Educator, sheds light on the present state of the industry and envisions its potential transformation. By choosing to show up differently, leading with purpose, and challenging conventional norms, Jonathan invites a paradigm shift in the construction narrative.

Whether you currently lead a team or anticipate doing so in the future, this podcast promises to be a riveting journey. Brace yourself for real, raw, uncomfortable, and thought-provoking conversations that will provide valuable insights and nuggets of wisdom, guiding you on the path to leading your own world-class project teams. Join Jonathan in unraveling the complexities of construction leadership and redefining its future.


The dialogue unfolded organically, as we delved into the desires that drive both personal and professional success. 'What do you want?' might seem like a simple query, but as we navigated through the responses, it became a compass guiding us toward less stress, more free time, and more money – the holy trinity of entrepreneurial dreams.

The heart of our conversation is less about claiming titles like 'the most experienced business coach' or 'the best podcaster.' Instead, it revolves around the universal pursuit of a life characterized by reduced stress, increased free time, and financial prosperity. We all know that achieving this trifecta isn't just about us; it's about YOU and your unique journey in the construction industry.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, the allure of less stress, more free time, and more money resonates with every entrepreneur. In this extended episode, we dive deep into the strategies, insights, and personal stories that can turn this vision into your reality.

So, grab your hard hat and join Martin, Khalil, and me on this immersive exploration of the construction business – where 'People First' isn't just a slogan; it's a philosophy that transforms dreams into tangible success.

Embarking on a Journey of Transformation

Exploring the Human Side of Business in the Construction Industry 

Join us on the 'People First, Then Construction' YouTube channel, where authentic conversations take center stage. In our latest episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with two incredible guests, Martin and Khalil, to unravel the profound question: 'What do you want?'

Beyond the traditional notions of ruggedness and resilience, we explore the mental, emotional, and holistic well-being crucial for success in modern construction. Join us as we navigate "The New Era of Construction," redefining what it means to thrive in this demanding field. And don't miss our sponsorship videos, bringing you valuable insights and resources to enhance your professional journey.

Introducing TNT (The New Tough) Co, a dynamic podcast co-hosted by industry veterans Jonathan Cinelli and Manny Neves, from The Construction Life.

Tune in monthly for insightful discussions tailored to construction professionals, delving deep into the essence of toughness in today's industry landscape.

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