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Project Bites is a new and innovative way to inspire  and educate yourself and your project management team. This is a collection of 20-Minute Video and Audio Bites delivered by project management professionals  from around the world.

**The content from project bites is recognized as PDU’s from the Project Management Institute, and may be registered as digital media according to the content you consumed.**


Tell Me More

Frequently, the notion that effective communication is pivotal for project success is emphasized. But what does this concept truly entail? In this segment, Jonathan Cinelli delves into the significance of the three words "Tell Me More," revealing their ability to uncover unspoken aspects, cultivate meaningful relationships, and establish a solid groundwork for the emergence of trust. Through this approach, project success naturally unfolds and becomes palpable in the interactions with others.

Put Your Phone Away

In a world focused on instant responses, maintaining constant connectivity to our devices has become effortless. Jonathan Cinelli discusses the significance of intentionally connecting with people by purposefully disconnecting from our phones and being fully present. Wholeheartedly being available to our teams emerges as a profound gift, laying the groundwork for resilient, successful teams.

People ALWAYS Come First

Project Management involves not only managing projects but also effectively managing people. In this segment, Jonathan highlights essential factors that contribute to the creation of world-class project teams. As project managers, our responsibility is to enhance the productivity of others and strive to be the best versions of ourselves, both in our role as project managers and as individuals. Jonathan provides three key takeaways that underscore the transformative impact of adopting a People-Centric Approach to leadership. Ultimately, prioritizing people leads to significant success.

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