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At our core, we deeply value and appreciate our clients. Your trust and commitment drive us to continually strive for excellence. We are honored to support your journey towards growth and success, and we take pride in celebrating your achievements alongside you. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in personal and professional development. Your success stories inspire us every day.

Having you as my mindset coach has had a tremendous impact on my daily work performance. You've given me the tools needed to achieve a champion mindset and shown me that I don't have to rely solely on myself to navigate the daily mindset challenges of being an entrepreneur. It's great to have you in my corner, providing a helpful kick in the ass when my mindset wants to revert to old habits. I think everyone needs a Jonathan in their corner to build and strengthen the tools for a stronger and happier mindset.

Nick Bartella

Working with Jonathan as my performance coach has been transformative. After hearing rave reviews and reading his book, I knew I had to reach out. His "people first" mantra resonated with my goal of fostering a supportive culture as a project manager. Before teaming up with Jonathan, I struggled to connect with my employees and felt immense pressure to have all the answers, which clouded my judgment.

Jonathan helped me find the balance between empathy and authority, shifting my mindset from "I should know this" to "I can learn this." This change allowed me to approach challenges with curiosity, improving my leadership and problem-solving skills. His coaching was an introspective journey, prompting me to ask meaningful questions and grow at my own pace. Though the impact wasn't always immediate, Jonathan's advice continued to guide me long after our sessions.


Jonathan's coaching wasn't just about professional skills but also about evolving my approach to leadership and life. His guidance has left a lasting imprint, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking genuine professional and personal growth.

 Agostino Mastroianni

To have a coach feels like a secret super power. It helps me get unstuck and stay on track with what I'm trying to get done and who I'm trying to be. Jonathan is an attentive and generous coach. It's always clear with him that I have his full attention and that he's 100% rooting for me as I figure out what I want and how to get there.

David E.

Jonathan was always prompt and ready to go when our sessions would begin, the touch of personal life before digging into the topics at hand was always a great way to start.


During our sessions, the attention to detail, the notetaking and feedback was great and triggered different ways to look at situations.  The tools that he provided during the session and the homework to review helped with continuing thoughts and provided deeper insight into our session. 


After our sessions the thoughts and goals for the week were clear and I felt that I had the tools to look at life from a different angle.

Ryan S.

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