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In this workshop, you'll discover the three simple words that form the foundation of trust that all your leaders need to be using. Learn to distinguish between connection and correction, the basis for fostering and establishing trust within your team. Jonathan will guide you on how to take action as the cure for mistrust and why it’s never too late to start building a trust-based culture.

Trust: The Currency of Your Workforce


This workshop deconstructs the outdated approach to workplace culture, revealing why culture has been an after-thought and how this is changing. Jonathan explores the power of presence and how it has evolved, showing you how to attract, retain, and collaborate with the right people. Understand how the language we use shapes our reality and learn simple words to shift the narrative towards a more positive and productive work environment.

WTF is “Good Culture” Anyways?


In "Owning Your Management Style," Jonathan helps you learn the crucial difference between arrogance and confidence. Become an ethical leader by setting boundaries and expectations effectively. This workshop focuses on amplifying performance, sustainability, and creativity while owning your power and holding space for others. Discover how to use various management styles and turn them “on” and “off” as needed to best support your team and organizational goals.

Owning Your Management Style


Jonathan offers these workshops individually to help you and your team transform the construction industry from within.


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