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Built on a foundation of curiosity and a solid understanding of neuroscience, Jonathan showcases that exceptional coaches enhance the capabilities of others, guiding them towards improvement. One-on-one coaching sessions initiate with the establishment of a robust base and can transform into dynamic, multi-session programs or brief, dilemma-style selections akin to an à la carte buffet

Individual Coaching

In the realm of youth sports, it's common to focus solely on cultivating sport-specific skillsets. However, Jonathan diverges from drill training. Grounded in a mental performance and resilience platform, he engages deeply with young athletes, unraveling the fundamentals of the choices they make—whether before, during, or after performances—that significantly impact their mental states.

Youth Development Coaching

Tailored analytical and strategic planning sessions designed to elevate each project experience. Executed through guided consultations, leadership development, and an exploration of project-specific metrics and analytics.

Project Management

Why confine knowledge to oneself? In a diverse world where every individual is unique, the joy and satisfaction of forming your own mastermind group, training, growing, and leading together can be immensely gratifying.

Group Training

Connect with Jonathan to determine the group training options that align with your needs.

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