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Embark on a transformative journey with Jonathan Cinelli, a seasoned Project Management Professional (PMP) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with over 20 years of industry expertise, as he introduces a specialized and forward-thinking approach to business leadership in the construction sector. Explore his insights through his website, tune into his engaging podcast, or delve into his illuminating book.


Jonathan's coaching style, rooted in brain-based coaching, blends business acumen with construction wisdom, offering a unique perspective tailored for sustainability, continued growth, and adaptability in the construction industry. As a Certified Business Coach, he specializes in providing construction leaders with coaching for business clarity, accountability, and sustainable growth.


Jonathan extends his expertise as a Business Coach for Wellness Coaches, fostering a healthy mindset, mental wellness, and peak performance in the construction business. His coaching is SEO-optimized to enhance online visibility, attract like-minded collaborators, and revolutionize construction businesses.


Additionally, Jonathan empowers creative entrepreneurs in the industry with tailored coaching to unleash innovation and set new standards. A devoted husband and father of two, Jonathan seamlessly integrates family values into his coaching philosophy, emphasizing the balance between personal and professional success. Connect with Jonathan, schedule a call, or book a consultation to embark on a personalized roadmap to success in construction leadership. Embrace change, elevate success.

Jonathan is equipped with a range of credentials highlighting his expertise. He is an ACC certified coach through the International Coach Federation, a Project Management Institute (PMI) associate, and holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Additionally, Jonathan is affiliated with the Neuroleadership Institute (NLI) and holds a 309A certification as an electrician. His diverse skill set and qualifications make him a valuable asset in coaching, project management, and electrical work, showcasing his versatility and commitment to excellence.


Discover the key to unlocking success in projects – understanding why some thrive while others, that should fail, surprisingly succeed. The pivotal factor lies in the individuals who embody the project and the leaders steering its course.

Embrace a transformative mindset with "KICK YOUR EGO ASIDE AND PUT PEOPLE FIRST," a practical approach to people management leadership. This methodology unveils simple yet impactful humanistic tools and techniques tailored for personal, professional, or passion projects, ensuring they transcend into MASSIVE successes.

In the realm of project management, the focus shifts to amplifying the output of others while striving to be the best version of yourself – both as a Project Manager and a human being. This comprehensive guide transcends traditional methodologies, introduces innovative approaches, and revitalizes proven practices for effective people management.

Become the catalyst for creating WORLD-CLASS TEAMS by internalizing the mantra to KICK YOUR EGO ASIDE AND PUT PEOPLE FIRST! Elevate your projects, amplify success, and foster a culture of collaboration and growth with this invaluable guide.

Available in Paperback, Audiobook, and Kindle

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